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We are turning messengers into the most powerful sales tool for sales teams. Founded in 2021 by Thomas and Lars, with a team boasting decades of sales experience, we assist companies in the DACH region and beyond in improving their sales efforts.

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About Flinkit

Why we founded Flinkit

Messengers are everywhere today. In most cases, short messages have replaced phone calls because they provide the best experience. Short messages are digital like emails but have open rates of 90% or more. This channel also offers significant advantages for sales. Personalization, automation, and maximum attention are the hallmarks of messenger communication. However, until now, sales teams did not have the means to harness the advantages of messengers for themselves. Messenger software did not allow for integrations, was only possible in individual silos, and was not legally secure until now. That’s why we founded Flinkit. Flinkit is software by salespeople, for salespeople. Developed by a team with decades of sales experience, we are finally making the tremendous benefits of messenger communication accessible to sales teams of all sizes.

What Flinkit offers

With Flinkit, companies enhance their success in sales. The sales team communicates with customers through messengers like WhatsApp, saving time in the process. As a result, customer communication can occur in parallel and be automated. Flinkit is used to send WhatsApp newsletters – on the channel that >75% of Germans use every day. Through an API interface, customer data is synchronized in real-time with your CRM.

The founders

We are a motivated, diverse team from 9 different nations, working in Berlin and around the world. We are supported by some of Europe’s most successful investors and digital entrepreneurs.

Thomas Pilar

Founder and CEO

Lars Blumberg

Founder and CTO