Lead Generierung mit WhatsApp

How does lead generation work with WhatsApp?

How does digital lead generation work anyway?

Lead generation is one of the most important disciplines in modern marketing. The goal of all measures is to gain the contact data of potential customers or business contacts. Depending on the company and industry, the focus is on acquiring leads in the B2B or B2C environment.

In order to gain leads, the relevant target group must be precisely defined in advance and content must be created that addresses this group of people exactly. Since in the case of messengers such as WhatsApp the telephone number for a direct letter is missing, this information must be obtained via another communication channel. The customer’s consent must be available for this, especially in the B2C area. Once transmitted, the contact information obtained can be used for various purposes.

WhatsApp for service, sales, marketing and more

Whether WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, many companies think of sales and service alone when using such applications. In short messages and chats, for example created automatically via a chatbot, current offers can be presented or specific customer questions can be addressed. The importance of messengers for sales is underestimated.

By integrating a WhatsApp contact via the company’s own website or social media, a direct incentive can be created to make contact without obligation. Since the interested party actively makes contact and provides his telephone number, a qualified lead can be assumed directly. The lead can then be developed using established methods from sales and marketing.

How to generate leads with WhatsApp?

At the heart of lead generation is a chat that you use to make your company or individual employees available. Overlay your contact details on WhatsApp or directly a communication window via your website, allowing direct contact. Even if this is done outside of business hours, the inhibition threshold of writing a letter is lower than calling.

Consider the huge advantage that more and more potential customers or business partners are accessing your website or social media on mobile. Unlike on the desktop PC, the user does not have to explicitly enter a phone number for contact to be possible via Messenger. Instead, this information is transmitted directly via the smartphone or iPhone – provided, of course, that the user consents to such transmission in the first step.

If a company employee cannot actively conduct the chat, a chatbot is the suitable alternative. This responds automatically to a large number of standard requests. Whether contacting customer service, inquiring about products, or requesting an appointment, modern AI can answer diverse inquiries in a meaningful way. Even if the user recognizes the chatbot as such, your effort to provide strong customer service outside of business hours will be appreciated.

Advantages of lead generation via Messenger

  • Thanks to the huge popularity of messenger apps or networks like Facebook, you benefit from an immensely large target group that technically has all the prerequisites for direct contact.
  • Setting up a chat on your website or social media is technically possible without much effort and thus saves your budget at the same time.
  • By contacting customers and prospects directly, you have every right to assume that most contacts are qualified leads.
  • Once the phone number is captured, you can use it for other purposes beyond lead generation between sales, marketing and advertising.

How does WhatsApp Business help me?

With WhatsApp Business, the global corporation has a special application for business users. At first glance, this looks like the familiar app for private individuals. Still, there are far-reaching differences that help businesses in areas such as lead generation and advertising:

  • The app enables a comprehensive presentation of important company information.
  • Verification is possible to show the seriousness of one’s own company.
  • WhatsApp Business offers a technically straightforward entry into automated messaging.
  • Creating a catalog of goods within the app is possible.
  • It can even be used with a landline number.

Due to the manageable costs and the wide range of functions, WhatsApp Business is already worthwhile for small and medium-sized companies.

Important information on the subject of data protection

Finally, the crucial question: What applies in terms of data protection and data security, for which the company has often been criticized in the past? The issue is not trivial, even if potential leads voluntarily submit your phone number. To ensure that all interactions are carried out in accordance with the GDPR and the highest level of data security is guaranteed, we at Flinkit can help. Our Messenger platform can be used to ensure that digital lead generation meets all the requirements of modern data protection.