WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business: revolutionise your customer communication and entice your customers


WhatsApp Business: revolutionise your customer communication and entice your customers

The way companies communicate with their customers have changed fundamentally with the emergence of WhatsApp business. WhatsApp Business offers a platform that is specially designed to support companies in effectively interacting with their customers and improving their customer service experience. By integrating WhatsApp Business into your communication strategy, you can revolutionize the relationship with your customers and offer them a seamless and convenient way to get in touch with you. In this article, we will explain the functions, advantages and proven strategies of WhatsApp Business to understand how you can use this powerful tool to improve your customer communication.

Discover the power of WhatsApp Business for your company

WhatsApp Business has developed into a mighty platform that supports companies in strengthening their customer loyalty and optimizing their customer service. With more than 2 billion Active users worldwide offers WhatsApp Business a huge range to achieve customers and use business opportunities. From small local companies to large multinational companies, many organizations have recognized that WhatsApp Business is an indispensable instrument to achieve their target group and make their company successful. In this article we will examine the diverse possibilities of how WhatsApp Business can support your company by concentrating on the functions, scalability and the potential that this tool offers.

Find out how you can inspire with WhatsApp business customers

In today’s fast-moving and heavily digitized world, it is of crucial importance for companies to inspire their customers and to offer them an extraordinary customer experience. WhatsApp Business is a platform that enables companies to do exactly that. With the possibility of sending personalized messages, providing efficient customer support and automating communication, companies can inspire customers and build a strong bond. In this article, we will deal with proven strategies and practices on how to use WhatsApp Business to inspire customers, to meet their needs and to build long -term customer relationships. From the optimal use of the functions to the implementation of automation tools, you will learn how to exploit the full potential of WhatsApp Business to inspire your customers.


What is WhatsApp Business?

The top functions that make WhatsApp business a must-have

Whatsapp Business offers a large array of functionsthat make it an indispensable tool for companies. Here are some of the top functions that characterize WhatsApp Business:

  • Company profile: Create a professional company profile with relevant information such as company names, address, opening times and website. This makes it easier for customers to find information about your company.
  • Automated welcome messages: Make sure that customers receive a friendly greeting by setting up automated welcome messages. These messages can be individually adapted and customers inform about offers, opening times or other important information.
  • Rapid answers: Save time with frequently asked questions by using quick responses. You can create predefined answers for frequent inquiries to react faster and more efficiently to customer inquiries.
  • Shipping of media: Parts, videos or documents with your customers to visually present products or information.
  • Statistics and analyzes: Comfort the success of your communication with customers through statistical data and analyzes. WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger have some differences that make it important to select the right version for your company:

WhatsApp Business vs. WhatsApp Messenger: What are the differences?

WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger have some differences that make it important to select the right version for your company:

  • Purpose: WhatsApp Business was specially developed for companies, while WhatsApp Messenger is intended for personal use. WhatsApp Business therefore offers functions that support companies in customer communication.
  • Company profile: WhatsApp Business enables companies to create a special company profile with detailed information, while WhatsApp Messenger is limited to personal profiles.
  • Automation: WhatsApp Business offers functions such as automated welcome messages and quick answers that are not available in Messenger. These automation functions facilitate customer communication and save time.
  • Verification: WhatsApp Business offers companies the opportunity to verify their profile in order to build up authenticity and trust among customers. This function is not available in WhatsApp Messenger.

Reach dedicared target groups: This is how different companies benefit from WhatsApp Business

Companies from various industries can benefit from WhatsApp Business and achieve their target groups effectively:

  • Retailers: Retails can use WhatsApp Business to send product information, offers and order confirmations directly to your customers. Service providers: Service companies such as hairdressing salons, restaurants or gyms can confirm on WhatsApp Business appointments, accept reservations or share information about special offers.
  • Service providers: Service companies such as hairdressing salons, restaurants or gyms can confirm on WhatsApp Business appointments, accept reservations or share information about special offers. This facilitates the communication with their customers and offers you a comfortable channel to book services or ask questions.
  • E-commerce companies: For e-commerce companies, WhatsApp Business offers the opportunity to send customer notifications for orders, shipping updates and delivery status directly via the platform. Customers can ask questions or ask inquiries about returns or exchange directly via WhatsApp, which improves customer service and increases customer satisfaction.
  • Travel and hotel industry: Companies in the travel and hotel industry can use WhatsApp Business to send booking confirmations, check-in information and travel updates to their customers. In addition, you can offer your customers a 24/7 customer support via WhatsApp to answer questions and help with problems.
  • Banks and financial services: Banks and financial service providers can use WhatsApp Business to send your customers account statements, transaction notifications and security warnings. Customers can also provide questions about their accounts or support for transactions via WhatsApp.
  • Media and publisher: Companies in the media and publishing industry can provide their readers with current news, subscription updates and special offers via WhatsApp Business. Readers can also order articles directly via WhatsApp or ask inquiries about subscriptions.
  • Educational institutions: Educational institutions can use WhatsApp Business to send important information such as timetables, teaching materials and event information. It also enables effective communication between teachers, parents and students for questions or support.

These are just a few examples of how companies from various WhatsApp Business can benefit. The platform offers direct, personal and comfortable communication with customers, which can lead to improved customer loyalty, more efficient processes and ultimately a positive impact on business growth. It is important to take into account the specific needs and goals of your company and to adapt the functions and possibilities of WhatsApp Business accordingly in order to draw the greatest possible benefit.


Set up WhatsApp Business

Step by step: How to create your WhatsApp Business Account

To create a WhatsApp Business account, follow these steps:

  1. Download the WhatsApp Business App: Go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the WhatsApp Business app. Make sure you choose the right version for companies.
  2. Accept the terms of use and enter your phone number: Read the terms of use carefully and accept them.
  3. Accept the terms of use and enter your phone number: Read the terms of use carefully and accept them. Then enter your phone number that you want to use for your WhatsApp Business account.
  4. Verify your phone number: You will receive an SMS or a call with a verification code. Enter the code in the app to verify your phone number.
  5. Set up your profile: Fill out all the necessary information for your company profile, such as the company name, the logo, the description and contact details. This enables customers to recognize and contact your company more easily.
  6. Explore the functions: navigate through the various functions of the app, such as automated welcome messages, quick answers and media approval. Adjust the settings according to your needs.

Verification made easy: How to confirm your company profile

The verification of your company profile on WhatsApp Business helps to win customers’ trust and to present your company as a serious and authentic brand. Follow these steps to verify your company profile:

  1. Go to the settings: Open the WhatsApp Business app and go to the settings.
  2. Select “Verify”: Search for the “Verify” company profile option and tap it on it.
  3. Fill out the verification form: Fill out the form with the required information, such as the company name, the commercial registration number and the supporting documents.
  4. Send the form: Check the information entered and send the verification form.
  5. Wait for the review: the WhatsApp Business Team will check your information. This process can take some time. You will be notified by email as soon as the review is completed.
  6. Receive verification badge: After successful verification, you will receive a green hook badge next to your company name. This indicates the customer that your profile has been verified.
  7. Present your company: tips on setting up information and settings

For an optimal presentation of your company on WhatsApp Business, note the following tips:

  • Full company profile: Enter all relevant information, such as company name, address and contact details.
  • Attractive corporate logo: upload an appealing logo that represents your brand.
  • Convincing company description: Write a short, convincing description of your company.
  • Updated contact details: Make sure that your phone number, email and website are correct and up-to-date.
  • Supporting media: Add product photos, videos or PDFs to visually present your company.
  • Personalized welcome message: welcome customers individually and share important information or offers.
  • Set up rapid answers: Create predefined answers for frequently asked questions to save time.
  • Specify opening times: Enter clear information about your business hours.
  • Automated absence message: Activate a message if you are temporarily unavailable.
  • Consider data protection: Pay attention to the protection of customer data and provide information about your data protection guidelines.

With these tips you present your company professionally and make it easier to contact us.


WhatsApp Business Web

Desktop power: Use WhatsApp Business on your computer

With WhatsApp Business Web you can easily access whatsapp business from your computer. Enjoy the advantages of a larger screen view, the comfort of a physical keyboard and comfortable communication without having to switch between different devices.

It’s that easy: Setup and use of WhatsApp Business Web

The establishment of WhatsApp Business Web is simple. Open whatsapp business on your smartphone, go to the settings, choose “WhatsApp Web/Desktop” and scan the QR code on web.whatsapp.com with your smartphone. As soon as the connection is established, you can chat on WhatsApp Business Web immediately.

Boost your productivity: Discover the functions of WhatsApp Business Web

WhatsApp Business Web offers synchronized messages, keyboard shortcuts, file approval, desktop notifications and the opportunity to lead group chats. Use these functions to increase your productivity and communicate more efficiently with customers.


Costs and price models from WhatsApp Business

No money? No problem: free functions of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business offers a variety of free functions with which you can effectively manage your company and communicate with customers. These include:

  • Profile creation: You can create a complete company profile and provide relevant information such as company name, address and contact details.
  • Chat communication: You can send messages to customers and receive from them to answer questions, edit orders and offer support.
  • Automated messages: You can set up prefabricated quick answers to answer frequently asked questions and save time.
  • Statistics: WhatsApp Business offers basic insights into the performance of your chats, such as the number of messages sent and received.

Premium functions for professionals: Overview of paid options

If you want to use additional functions and extended options, WhatsApp Business also offers paid options. These include:

  • Investment is worth it: the value and ROI of WhatsApp Business With this, for example, you can develop automated messages, chatbots and custom solutions.
  • Business Solution Provider: There are specialized companies that act as WhatsApp Business Solution providers and offer additional services and functions. These services can be chargeable and range from the integration of WhatsApp into CRM systems to support in customer service automation.

This investment is worth it: the value and ROI of WhatsApp Business

The investment in WhatsApp Business can be worthwhile for your company. Here are some reasons why WhatsApp Business offers a value and ROI:

  • Improve customer communication: WhatsApp Business enables direct and personal communication with customers, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction and commitment.
  • Efficient customer service: By using quick answers and automated messages, you can make customer service more efficient and at the same time improve the response time.
  • Sales promotion: WhatsApp Business offers companies the opportunity to send product information, offers and advertising actions directly to customers, which can increase sales and sales.
  • Use customer data: By interaction with customers on WhatsApp Business, you get valuable insights into your preferences, needs and buying behavior. This data can be used to develop personalized marketing strategies and create targeted offers.
  • Effective marketing: With WhatsApp Business you can carry out targeted marketing campaigns and address your target group directly. You can also catch up with customer feedback and make improvements based on your needs.

The exact costs and prices for the use of WhatsApp Business depend on the selected options and services.


WhatsApp Business API

Introduction to WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API is a powerful interface that offers companies extended functions and opportunities to communicate with customers via WhatsApp. Compared to the conventional WhatsApp Business app, the API offers additional functions and scalability for larger companies. With the WhatsApp Business API, companies can send automated messages, use chatbots and interact seamlessly with customers. This API opens up new ways to expand their communication strategy and offer an improved customer experience.

Requirements and requirements for the use of the API

In order to be able to use the WhatsApp Business API, there are certain requirements and requirements that must be met. First you need a business number approved by WhatsApp. WhatsApp checks the authorization of companies to use the API and ensure that they meet the guidelines and standards. In addition, it is necessary that you select a provider for the WhatsApp Business API because the API is not provided directly by WhatsApp. There are various providers who enable access to the API and support them in integration. It is important to understand the specific requirements and processes of the individual providers in order to successfully use the API.

Integration of WhatsApp Business API into company systems

The integration of WhatsApp Business API into your existing company systems is crucial to communicate seamlessly with customers and automate processes. The API unlocks integration into CRM systems, customer support tools and other systems that you already use in your company. By integrating it, you can synchronize customer data, send automated answers and notifications and make customer support more efficient. The integration of the API requires close cooperation between your development team and the WhatsApp Business API provider to establish the required interfaces and data connections. There are also third-party tools and platforms that can help to implement the integration smoothly and successfully.

Important: Please note that the use of the WhatsApp Business API requires certain guidelines and permits. It is important to read the official documentation of WhatsApp and follow the necessary steps in order to use the API lawfully. In order to be able to use the WhatsApp Business API in the best possible way and to learn more about the possible uses, simply contact Flinkit directly for a free demo.


Download and install WhatsApp Business

Get WhatsApp Business: Availability and download options

WhatsApp Business is available for various platforms and operating systems. Regardless of whether you use an Android or iOS device, you can easily download WhatsApp Business. Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store and search for “WhatsApp Business”. Click on “Install” or “Download” to load the app on your device.

Fast and easy: How to install WhatsApp Business on your device

After you have downloaded WhatsApp Business from the App Store or Google Play Store, open the app on your device. Click on “Open” and follow the instructions for installation. You will be asked to accept the terms of use and verify your phone number. Enter your phone number and follow the further steps to complete the verification.

Let’s go: Establishment of your WhatsApp Business Accounts after download

After installing and verifying your phone number, you can start setting up your WhatsApp Business Accounts. Fill out your company profile by entering information such as the company name, the address, opening times and contact details. Upload a profile picture that represents your company and, if necessary, add more information to offer customers relevant details about your company.

As soon as you have completed these steps, your WhatsApp Business Account is ready for use. You can now chat with customers, set up automated messages and manage your corporate communication via WhatsApp Business.

Note: Please note that you need a stable internet connection to use WhatsApp Business. Make sure you have sufficient data volume or a WLAN connection to communicate smoothly with customers.


Tips and best practices for WhatsApp Business

Communication guidelines: a professional impression

Effective communication is crucial to leave a professional impression on WhatsApp Business. Here are some tips to achieve this:

  • Use a friendly and respectful tone: treat your customers politely and respectfully by using a friendly and professional language. Show empathy and be prepared for your needs. Friendly communication helps to build a positive customer relationship.
  • Response to customer inquiries: try to respond to customer inquiries and messages as soon as possible. A prompt reaction signals to your customers that you take their concerns seriously and take care of them. Customers appreciate quick and efficient communication.
  • Give clear and precise information: make sure that you provide clear and precise information. Avoid misunderstandings by responding to customer questions and concerns in detail. Offer relevant information and go into all relevant aspects. Clear communication contributes to customer satisfaction.
  • Avoid excessive advertising: Do not use WhatsApp Business as a pure advertising tool. Customers expect more personal and direct communication. Send advertising messages only to customers who have explicitly agreed and make sure to offer a balanced mix of relevant information and advertising content. Focus on communicating the added value for the customer.

Automation and chatbots: efficient work

The automation functions and chatbots of WhatsApp Business can help you work more efficiently and at the same time ensure good customer care. Here are some proven tips:

Use automated welcome messages: Set up an automated welcome message to welcome new customers and offer them initial orientation. Personalize the message to give the customer the feeling that they are looked after individually. A warm greeting creates a positive first impression.

Create predefined quick answers: Create predefined quick answers for frequently asked questions to save time and ensure quick answers. This allows you to react more efficiently to customer inquiries and reduce the waiting time. Think about the questions that are frequently asked and the corresponding answers that you can quickly make available.

Implementation chatbots for simple inquiries: Chatbots can help automate repetitive tasks and support customers around the clock. You can use chatbots to provide basic information or answer frequently asked questions. However, make sure that the chat bot also offers an option to interact with a human employee if there are more complex concerns


Success strategies: How you use WhatsApp Business optimal for your company

To optimally use WhatsApp Business for your company, you can implement the following success strategies:

  • Improve customer support: Use WhatsApp Business to offer outstanding customer support. Be always available, answer questions and solve problems promptly. With quick and efficient communication, you can increase customer satisfaction and build up customer loyalty.
  • Use WhatsApp Business for sales promotion: Use WhatsApp Business to advertise products or services and increase sales. Share product information, special offers and exclusive deals with your customers. Offer a personalized customer service and advise customers for buying decisions.
  • Care and bandage customers through regular contacts: Use WhatsApp Business to maintain customer contact and maintain customer relationships. Send regular updates, newsletters or relevant information to receive the interest of customers. Show appreciation for your loyalty and offer exclusive advantages for existing customers.
  • Analyze and optimize your activities: Use WhatsApp Business’s analysis functions to measure and improve your activities. Analyze metrics such as the number of news, reaction times and customer feedback. Identify vulnerabilities and optimize your strategies to increase the effectiveness of your WhatsApp business activities.
  • Stick to the WhatsApp Business Guidelines: Make sure you comply with the WhatsApp business guidelines and terms of use. Avoid spam, unwanted advertising or the abuse of the communication channel. Consider the data protection regulations and respect the privacy of your customers.

By implementing these success strategies, you can optimally use WhatsApp Business for your company and benefit from the diverse possibilities of this communication channel. By effective use of WhatsApp Business, you can increase customer satisfaction, promote sales and build a strong customer loyalty.



WhatsApp Business in A Nutshell: The most important points at a glance

WhatsApp Business offers companies a powerful platform to improve their corporate communication and customer loyalty. Here are the most important points that you should know about whatsapp business:

  • WhatsApp Business enables you to direct and personal communication with customers.
  • You can simply set up your WhatsApp Business account and design your company profile.
  • With WhatsApp Business Web you have the opportunity to use WhatsApp Business on your computer.
  • There are free functions of WhatsApp Business that you can use for your business.
  • The WhatsApp Business API offers extended functions and integrations in company systems.
  • You can increase your productivity and work more efficiently through automation and chatbots.
  • The correct use of WhatsApp Business requires compliance with communication guidelines and etiquette.
  • Success strategies such as improved customer care, sales funding and regular customer contact can advance your company.
  • Outlook: the future of WhatsApp business and opportunities for your company

The future of WhatsApp Business promises exciting developments and opportunities for companies. Here are some possible trends and opportunities that you should keep in mind:

  • Extended functions and integrations: WhatsApp Business is expected to offer further functions and integrations in order to give companies even more options for interaction with customers. This may include extended automation options, CRM integrations and more.
  • Personalization and customer experience: Companies are increasingly aimed at offering personalized and tailor -made customer experiences via WhatsApp Business. By using customer data and intelligent automation technologies, companies can create individual interactions and offers.
  • E-commerce integrations: The integration of e-commerce functions in WhatsApp Business is becoming increasingly important. Companies could have the opportunity to sell products directly via WhatsApp, accept payments and handle orders.
  • Extended use of AI and chatbots: Artificial intelligence and chatbots will play an increasingly important role in supporting companies on WhatsApp business. Advances in AI technology enable increasingly intelligent and more natural chat bot interactions.
  • Data protection and security: With increasing use of messaging platforms such as WhatsApp Business, data protection and the safety of customer data is becoming increasingly important. Companies should continuously find out about the applicable data protection regulations and ensure that they protect their customers’ privacy.

Overall, WhatsApp Business companies offers a powerful platform to improve your communication and business activities. By optimally using the functions and best practices from WhatsApp Business, you can successfully advance your company and establish a closer relationship with your customers. Be excited about the future developments of WhatsApp Business and take advantage of the opportunities that arise for your company.